100% natural look
full hair in only 2 hours

Holds during sport, showering and sleeping

100% natural look
Authentic and invisible
full hair in only 2 hours

Hält beim Schlafen Duschen Sport

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Unsere Ergebnisse:


Alex was practically born to be a model, but unfortunately his hair started thinning in his early twenties and by his late twenties he already had very deep receding hairlines and very light patches. That's why he came to us at our Abrahairdabra flagship store in Vienna to start his transformation and take a chance on a hair system.


Manuel traveled all the way from Linz to Vienna to start a new life with his dream hairstyle. And lo and behold - in less than two hours, Manuel undergoes an incredible transformation.


Dino wanted to look like his old self again. After receiving a perfectly adapted hair system, he not only looks much younger, but also receives only positive comments. The hair system doesn't affect him when doing sports and he finally feels comfortable in his own skin again. The transformation of his appearance has had a positive impact on his entire life.

An Abrahairdabra hair system keeps the
An Abrahairdabra hair system keeps the
An Abrahairdabra hair system keeps the
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Our valued customers

Kadir Yilmaz

Thanks to Abrahairdabra, I finally have a full head of hair again! They took their time during the consultation and paid close attention to my needs and lifestyle. The stylists then did a great job and created my dream hairstyle. I've been wearing my hair system for a few weeks now and couldn't be happier! I can recommend it to anyone who suffers from hair problems. Thank you Abrahairdabra!

Andrei Cimpean


Thanks to Abrahairdabra I have a full head of hair again and feel very comfortable. The hair system is great and the whole team is wonderful. For all those who have doubts, it's definitely worth giving it a try, so I will definitely no longer be walking around bald ☺️☺️ and will definitely be back.

Alexander Bertschler


Huge before/after difference, I'm really happy with the result, it was worth every penny! The team on site is incredibly helpful, they take their time and explain everything in detail.

Slobodan Hotz


Top advice, courteous and simply top top top quality

Gery Wittkeschaefer


I've been a customer since last week. The atmosphere is extremely brilliant. As a customer, you feel well cared for and professionally advised and looked after within a very short time. I am also very happy with my hair system and it has given me back my self-confidence! The staff are incredibly precise, perfectly trained and take their time...which in my opinion is very important for such a change! All in all a 10 out of 10!!! THANK YOU!

Haarsystem Studio in Wien 1100

Unser Haarsystem Studio und Flagship Store in Wien Favoriten besticht durch sein zeitgemäßes Interieur, seine Weitläufigkeit und seine Gemütlichkeit. Sichtbeton trifft auf Industrieneon, sowie geradlinige Trennwände und dazwischen passiert Deine Transformation. Aber das wichtigste für Dich ist:

Das Studio ist komplett diskret - es ist in einem Komplex gut versteckt und von keiner Seite einsichtig - niemand wird Dich vor Deiner Transformation sehen!

Unsere erfahrenen Mitarbeiter beraten Dich ausführlich und lesen Dir jeden Wunsch von den Lippen ab - auch Deine zukünftige Traumfrisur!

Die Transformation zu Deinem neuen Ich geht enorm schnell! Nach nur etwas mehr als einer Stunde verlässt Du das Studio mit einem königlichen Schopf!