What to do about hereditary hair loss?

What to do about hereditary hair loss?

What is hereditary hair loss?

Hereditary hair loss is also known as androgenetic alopecia. It is the most common cause of hair loss in men. The cause is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The predisposition to this is already in the genes, but hereditary hair loss is not automatically passed on. Various genes are involved here. It is therefore not possible to conclude with absolute certainty from the hair of a close relative whether and when your own head will be bald.

How do I recognize hereditary hair loss?

Initially, the hair on the temples and forehead becomes thinner. A so-called receding hairline can lead to a bald forehead over time. The hair at the back of the head also thins out. The bald patches grow and flow together until only one strand of hair remains at the back of the head and at the temples. This is therefore a slow, gradual process. The extent and speed of hair loss can vary greatly from person to person.

Who inherits hereditary hair loss?

It has not yet been fully clarified scientifically how hair loss can be inherited. Evidence suggests that this only happens via the mother's genes.

Research has so far come to the conclusion that men with increased hair loss are more likely to follow their maternal grandfather than their father. However, this has not yet been fully clarified scientifically and requires further research. This means that just because your grandfather was bald doesn't mean that you will go completely bald.

How long does hereditary hair loss last?

Hereditary hair loss in men can begin at an early age. It can start as early as the age of 20. It is not possible to predict how long hair loss will last and whether receding hairlines will actually develop into complete baldness.

Can hereditary hair loss be stopped?

The causes of hereditary hair loss cannot yet be remedied and therefore hereditary hair loss cannot be stopped at the root. However, there is the possibility of medical treatment, but this is associated with side effects.

Baldness is a problem that affects many men. For many men, not feeling confident in their appearance can have a negative impact on their self-esteem and confidence. Hereditary hair loss cannot be stopped, but there are treatment options that can help you feel more confident in your appearance and self-esteem.

What are the alternatives for hereditary hair loss?

An alternative to medical treatment is the Abrahairdabra hair system. The advantage here is that there is no need for a medical procedure such as a hair transplant. A hairpiece is glued directly to the affected area with a skin-friendly adhesive.

This is completely invisible and skin-friendly. No surgery is necessary. No loss is necessary either. You will have your full head of hair again in a short time and can also do sports with it. Modern hair systems are completely invisible. There are several systems available. It is worth seeking a non-binding consultation to explore the possibilities of a hair system and find out whether you are suitable for it!

What to do with hereditary hair loss?

If you are suffering from hair loss, you should know that you are not alone and that help is available. Nobody likes to lose their hair. With the right treatments, you can look good and feel great again!

Hair loss is a stressful and emotionally devastating condition, but does it have to be? At AbraHairDabra, we believe that you can be beautiful even if your hair is falling out - because we have the solution.

It's not your fault and it's not your family's fault. It's just something that happens - and we want to make sure you're well looked after.

We believe in the power of beauty and we want to help you find your beauty again. We take care of your hair because we know that it is an important part of your personality. Book your free consultation now!

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